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Trinity Challenge

About Trinity

Trinity College London is an international exam board that has been providing assessments since 1877.

Trinity exams and assessments are designed to help students progress. They inspire learners and mark their achievement at each stage of their development and at all levels of competence. Trinity exams focus on assessing skills and how effectively the candidates can apply what they have learnt, not just on knowledge for its own sake.

Trinity exams are internationally recognised and fully accredited by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and other education authorities in many countries around the world. 

Drama & Speech Series

Speech and Drama (solo) Students preparing for Speech and Drama exams are expected to sustain particular focus on the use of voice and speech. The subject requires candidates to explore texts and concepts from different periods of literature.

Entry and Foundation levels (Initial, Grades 1–3)

Intermediate level (Grades 4–5)

Advanced level (Grades 6–8)

Target: K2 – K3, Primary & Secondary students

Courses: Speechkids for Kindergarten & SpeechKids English ,
                   Trinity Communication Skills (Individual) Intensive Course         

 全新倫敦聖三一學院Trinity 說話能力水平評估考試2021

✅數碼化考試 挑戰能力極限
✅相同資格認可 證書格式不變

🎙️千呼萬喚始出來。倫敦聖三一學院Trinity 說話能力水平評估考試最新消息💥

Trinity 香港剛公佈:因應新冠肺炎疫情,Trinity推出全新 數碼形式考試 (即one shoot錄影考試)。

謝家亮說話訓練學院邀請同學參加2021年4月底至5月初考試 (指當日或以前完成訓練即錄影,馬上由學院上載)。應試同學可於我們下周網站的公布按時報名。

必須年滿四歲 (以截止報名日當天計算) ,始可報考Grade 1。
如欲報考Grade 2 或以上級別,考生年齡必須滿五歲 (以考試日當天計算) 。


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